Replacement 65W AC Power Adapter  for IBM Lenovo ThinkPad 92P1107 92P1108 

This compact and efficient adapter ensures seamless power connectivity for all your electronic devices. Compatible with a wide range of voltages, it effortlessly converts the standard voltage of 100-240V to meet the specific requirements of your devices.

65W 20V 3.25A AC Power Adapter Charger 7.9mm*5.0mm. Input: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz (Worldwide Use) Output: 20V-3.25A Power: 65Wh

40Y7630, 40Y7659, 40Y7660, 40Y7661, 40Y7662, 40Y7663, 40Y7664, 40Y7665, 40Y7667, 40Y7668, 40Y7669, 40Y7670, 40Y7671, 40Y7672, 40Y7673, 40Y7696, 40Y7699, 40Y7700, 92P1104, 92P1105, 92P1106, 92P1107, 92P1109, 92P1110, 92P1111, 92P1113, 92P1114, 92P1154, 92P1156, 92P1158, 92P1159, 92P1160, 92P1161, 92P1211, 92P1212, 92P1253, 92P1254, 92P1255, 93P5026, DLX65NCT3A, FRU 92P1104, FRU 92P1106, FRU 92P1108, FRU 92P1110, FRU 92P1112, FRU 92P1114, FRU 92P1153, FRU 92P1157, PA-1650-161, PA-1650-171, PA-1900-171

Fits the Following Models:

T400, ThinkPad 1703, ThinkPad 1704, ThinkPad 1705, THINKPAD 1706, ThinkPad 1707, ThinkPad 1708, ThinkPad 1709, ThinkPad 2501, ThinkPad 2507, ThinkPad 2508, ThinkPad 2509, ThinkPad 2533, ThinkPad R60e, Thinkpad T60, ThinkPad T60 Series, ThinkPad T60 Type 1951, ThinkPad T60p, THINKPAD X60, ThinkPad Z60, ThinkPad Z60m, ThinkPad Z60t, ThinkPad Z61e, ThinkPad Z61t, Z60 Series, 3000 SERIES C100, C200, N100, N200, V100, V200, Z60M, Z60T, Z61E, Z61M, Z61P, Z61T, THINKPAD R60, THINKPAD R60E, THINKPAD R60I, THINKPAD R61, THINKPAD R61E, IBM THINKPAD R60E SERIES: THINKPAD R60E SERIES, IBM THINKPAD T SERIES: T60, T60P, T61, T61P, IBM THINKPAD T60 SERIES: THINKPAD T60, THINKPAD T60P, IBM THINKPAD X SERIES: X60, X60S, X61, THINKPAD Z60, THINKPAD Z60M, THINKPAD Z60T, IBM THINKPAD Z61 SERIES: THINKPAD Z61E, THINKPAD Z61T, 3000 C100, 3000 N100, 3000 V10, T60, THINKPAD EDGE 0196-RV6, THINKPAD EDGE 0196RV6, THINKPAD EDGE E530, THINKPAD EDGE E535, Thinkpad Essential Port Replicator, THINKPAD T60 TYPE 1951, THINKPAD X60S 1702, THINKPAD X60S 1703, THINKPAD X60S 1704, THINKPAD X60S 1705, THINKPAD X60S 2507, THINKPAD X60S 2508, THINKPAD X60S 253, Z570, THINKPAD SL400

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